About Us

In our quest for the greater good of the country and its vast population we intend to be an agent of change and bring much needed economic stability and joy to each farmer household. In this Endeavour F2DF Pvt. Ltd. through its core team and associates from both farming community and industry proposes to set up a one of its kind E-commerce platform intended for Agri based products and services.


F2DF will ensure continuous supply of quality raw & finished material as well as value added services in Agriculture sector with an intended aim of uplifting the livelihood of farmers and contribute towards the national mission of doubling the farmer’s income by 2022-23.We are comprised of highly-skilled individuals and experts, who disseminate knowledge in an organization and share best practices.


“The F2DF Platform can be defined as a standalone delivery point available at a click of a mouse or touchpad enabling the Farming and allied service community in achieving desirable outcome in the Agriculture sector including but not limited to best price for crops, economic stability, long term and short term solutions for losses incurred due to crop loss, promoting Entrepreneurial culture, increasing productivity, optimizing inputs, crop management, Imparting knowledge of Agri Inputs with an aim to double the farmers income and work as a standalone and one of its kind platform bringing all specters and players at one level playing field through its technical core competencies.


In the context of F2DF, its dynamic platform is a catalyst which will work as an enabler for small and marginalized farmers and vendors dealing in agri based products/services. F2DF is charged with the mission to improve the competitiveness of India’s agriculture & doubling the farmer’s income, by catalyzing innovation, building capacity and enhancing productivity across the agriculture and value chain, ensuring security and inclusive growth. Comprising of an extensive team of domain experts across verticals F2DF has evolved as a robust goods/services portfolio and has establish itself as a credible ENABLER in the agriculture and food domain.


It is worth noting that F2DF Pvt. Ltd. Is trying to create an interdependent yet fully functional ECO-SYSTEM in Agri sphere which will be fully integrated and complementing each other once fully launched. Company is planning to launch this in several steps to complete the integration in next 2 years under below mentioned phases:-