Farmer To Direct Farmer

     F2DF platform offerings:


       Farmer To Direct Farmer : Agri Equipment Rental and sale Purchase of second Hand Agri Equipments.


  1. Step to make farmer self-reliant by option of renting out unused agri equipment to others
  2. Freedom of choosing the equipment of choice from vide variety instead of limited pool available in village/surrounding area
  3. Option of negotiating the best price for second hand sale or during rental as local monopoly is killed
  4. Option of maximising profit is cross breeding options increases the value of animal multi fold
  5. Bypassing of middleman to stop commissions as high commissions are being demanded by middleman during sale/purchase of animals. At F2DF this service is free of cost
  6. Removal of commission from second hand/rental of any agri equipment/Animal is F2DF does not charge any "Service charges & Commission" etc.
  7. 100% transparency in dealings as we connect both seller and buyer for price negotiation between themselves. F2DF is only providing platform to connect parties for free.