Farmer to Direct Factory

        F2DF platform offerings:


        Farmer to Direct Factory : Agriculture Produce directly from Field to Factories, Whole salers, Aggregators and exporters.


  1. Option of selling outside traditional channels
  2. Option of selling produce where price is correct instead of local mandi/ wholesaler where price is determined by them
  3. Option of inviting bids for the produce thus creating a competition among buyers to get best price
  4. Increasing/maximising slae price to increase profits
  5. Hassle free trade as buyer will pick up from Field hence no transport cost and tension of damaging goods in transit i.e., crop damage while waiting outside mandi’s in que or due to rain etc.
  6. 100% transparency in dealings as we connect both farmer and buyer for price negotiation between themselves. F2DF is only providing platform to connect parties for free