Farmer To Direct Family

      F2DF platform offerings:


       Farmer To direct Family : Vegetables, Fruits, Food Grains, Poultry Items Etc.


  1. Option for farmers to sell their produce directly to end users
  2. Unique options for buyer to directly order from fields, farmer can upload pics of their produce and other details for buyers i.e., organic products, organic khaad etc.
  3. Option for farmer to deliver directly to family bypassing the traditional delivery channel and earn extra bucks.
  4. Option for buyer to inspect produce live at field/farm as google link to farm is available. Buyer can inspect and be satisfied of what he/she intends to purchase. Also saving on delivery charges of fresh products.
  5. 100% transparency in dealings as we connect both farmer and user for price negotiation between themselves. F2DF is only providing platform to connect parties for free.